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Royal Navy Adult Mono Fin

Blend with the waters colours with our Royal Navy Adult Mono Fin.
Fits UK shoe sizes 2 - 10.5



Our Mermaid Linden by Body Glove Adult Mono Fin is made on the same design template as the Children's Mermaid Linden by Body Glove Mono Fin.

The adult mono fin comes in a carry bag for easy transport and includes neoprene socks for those of a UK shoe size 2 - 5. UK shoe sizes of 7 plus can wear the mono fin without the neoprene socks.

The feet are supported by the individual foot holes and are secured by the adjustable straps, that place around the back of the ankle.

With drainage holes and soft edges, the Adult Mermaid Linden by Body Glove Mono Fin is flexible as it moves and glides through the water, allowing for the ankle to flex in a natural undulating movement whilst being supported by the individual foot holes and straps.

Can be worn on its own or with a MermaidsUK Adult Tail Skin, that has been designed to specifically fit the adult mono fin.

Warning: Mermaid tails or monofins can significantly reduce the person’s ability to swim and can only be used by competent swimmers under strict competent adult supervision at all times, regardless of swimming ability.
All users must be 6 years or older and must complete the Mermaid and Mono Fin Swim Test -

  • Swim 25 metres comfortably
  • Be able to submerge your face fully whilst swimming
  • Be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water
  • Be able to lift your knees and turn 360 degrees in both directions
  • Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5 metres
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