Come and join Mermaids UK in the beautiful location of Barnstaple, North Devon and enter the Magical World of MerKingdom with our 2 Hour Mermaid Taster Experience. Our experiences are run by qualified Mermaids UK Instructors and will include hire of your mermaid tail, the opportunity to become a Mermaid model with make up and accessories and the photos taken of your magical transformation sent to you after the event. 

2 Hour Mermaid Taster Experience 

Our 2 Hour Mermaid Taster Experience will give any human young or old, male or female the opportunity to become a mermaid or merman. These sessions will take place in a swimming pool with qualified Mermaid Instructors. The experiences will include no more than 12 people per group. During the session you will learn tail safety, basic Mermaid movements and skills and Mermaid poses. Your instructor will also take some photos of your experience which can either be emailed to you or uploaded onto a memory stick. 
To be able to take part in the Mermaid Taster Experience you must be at least 6 years of age and be able to do the following without any support from the Instructor, swimming or buoyancy aids, the pool floor or wall (you will be assessed on this prior to being allowed to take part): 
Swim 25 metres comfortably 
Be able to submerge your face fully whilst swimming 
Be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water 
Be able to lift your knees and turn 360 degrees in both directions 
Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5metres 


Our next available Mermaid Experience dates are: 
Sunday 10th September 1-3pm 
Sunday 15th October 1-3pm 
Thursday 26th October 10am-12pm 
Sunday 12th November 1-3pm 
All sessions are held at West Buckland School Pool. 
We will also be running some sessions at Tiverton and Crediton on the following dates: 
Friday 4th August 10am-12pm Lords Meadow Leisure Centre 
Monday 7th August 1-3pm Exe Valley Leisure Centre 
Monday 21st August 1-3pm Exe Valley Leisure Centre 
Friday 1st September 10am-12pm Lords Meadow Leisure Centre 
To book or for more information, contact Mermaid Charlotte on 07572 883130 or email 


If you would like us to help you celebrate something special like a birthday, hen or stag do, then we can do this in the same way as our 2 Hour Mermaid Taster Experience. Our North Devon Instructors are able to host Mermaid Parties in North Devon or they can travel to you and host a party in your local area. Mermaid Parties can be individualised to the host, allowing you to decide if you would like more Mermaid Swimming time or Mermaid Modelling time. 
All parties require a minmum of 6 participants with maximum of 12. All particpants have to be 6 years or older and must pass the Mermaids UK Swim Test shown above. 
Costs are dependent on each party, taking into account travel, location and number of participants. 
To book or for more information, contact Mermaid Charlotte on 07572883130 or email 


Mermaids UK takes no responsibility for the quality or the number of images provided after the event, however Mermaid Instructors will be given basic photography training to enable them to fulfil this part of the experience to the best of their ability. If anyone fails to meet the assessment criteria then they will not be able to partake. A disclaimer form must be completed by the parent/guardian or adult taking part in any Experience.