MermaidsUK provide weekly classes for Mermaid and Merman. Having travelled the world to gain information and knowledge from others, we have developed a course that allows humans to experience the magical and mystical world of MerKingdom, where feet are no more, as tails create a natural movement throughout the water, allowing one to be at one with the water. 
The courses have been created by professional Swim Teachers and Tutors who train teachers in Ofqual qualifications. We have years of experience giving our customers peace of mind that we are knowledgeable and safe in what we are doing. Our team also have experience in synchronised swimming, diving including basic free diving, personal training and dance. Living by the ocean also gives us a sense of real understanding of the world of Mermaids. 
The training programme for Mermaid teachers is fully comprehensive and is only taught by qualified Swimming Instructors who understand the world of swimming, the movements required, the science and safety elements that MUST be adhered to at all times. This gives our parents, children and adults reassurance that they are being taught by professional instructors with a professional programme. 
Our swim courses will cover how to put on the tail, to enter and exit the water, be able to move safely in the water, basic breath holding and some mermaid skills work which will lead to basic routines. We then continue to progress throughout the lessons, building on the skills already learnt but also teaching more complicated movements including team work and core strengthening. 
Humans wanting to undertake the Mermaid and Merman courses must be at least six years of age and be able to complete the following without support from the instructor, swimming or buoyancy aids, the pool floor or wall (you will be assessed on this prior to being allowed to take part): 
Swim 25metres comfortably 
Be able to submerge your face fully whilst swimming 
Be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water 
Be able to lift your knees and turn 360degrees in both directions 
Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5metres