MermaidsUK has been set up in response to the world wide phenomena of Mermaiding by children and adults alike of both sexes. It is a mystical and magical world where one can lose themselves in a unique water fantasy land of MerKingdon. 
MermaidsUK has been set up by qualified swimming teachers and tutors who specialise in other aquatic disciplines like synchro and diving, as well as dance and personal training on land. Safety is our number one priority and has always been at the fore, with everything from the courses we deliver to the Instructor programme to the Mermaid Experience and the Mer-Cise Fitness classes. 
We have worked with IMSIA (International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association) and have researched and visited programmes like the famous Weeki Wachee Mermaids in Florida. We have also been involved in Free Diving courses so that we understand the underwater world and breathing fully. 
After a year long research poject, along with our creative desinger, we have developed our tails, which are of a high standard, with both the mono fin and tail skin working in tandem together, being specially designed as a pair. We offer both childen and adult tails, that have both been tried and tested to ensure stability and flexbility within the ankles, allowing for a smooth undulating movement to be demonstrated. We are constanly working with our factory manufacturers, suppliers and developers to improve our tails and come up with new designs etc., ensuring that safety is paramount at all times.