About our Tails  MermaidsUK mermaid tails and fins have been developed during a year long research poject, with it's aim to find the safest and durable mono fins for both children and adults to use.  Our mono fins are available in children sizes UK 8 - 4 and our adult mono fins are available in sizes UK 3 - 5 (Triton), UK 6 - 9 (Hydra), UK 9 - 13 (Minos).  Once a mono fin has been selected, a tail skin then be chosen. These can be interchanged with the chosen mono fin.  Please see below our tail skin sizes. These are available in the following colours; Childens  Purple Merscales Pink Watermarble Blue Merscales Geen Merscales Rainbow Slick Swim Grey Watermarble  Gold Merscales  Adults Orange Watermarble Green Dragon Scazles Red Dagon Scales Grey Watermarble Aqua Dragon Scales Autumn Dragon Scales Rainbow Slick Swim